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    The All New
    Sonata Hybird


The natural application of the latest smart new technology considering connectivity and mobility .

black-mono-tone car seat greige-two-tone car seat carmel-two-tone car seat

Seat Color


black-mono-tone texture
greige-two-tone texture
carmel-two-tone texture

  • Sonata interior design

    Interior Features

    High quality image based on practicality and stability which are basic of mid size family sedan .

Arrive Relaxed .

The all-Sonata Hybird takes the next step in Bluetooth pairing by supporting dual devices. Now the driver can enjoy the use of the hands-free function, including optional voice recognition support while the second device is connected to the all-Sonata Hybird for streaming or mp3 file .

Sonata arrive relaxed.

Premium Electric relaxation seat (passenger)

Premium relation seat (passenger)

Maximum Engagement .

Step inside and discover an interior that engages and satisfies all the senses. The cabin is a visual feast projecting elegance, warmth and delivering a rich tactile experience. The dials of the SuperVision cluster come to life with stunning clarity and show impressive depth: Numbers and batons are crisp and clean with the gauges scoring big points for their elegance and functional simplicity. And just as customers would expect, the AVN touchscreen replicates the user experience of a smartphone ensuring the all-Sonata Hybird is perfectly in step with the digital times .

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