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    The all-new Kona Hybrid

Optimal Fuel Efficiency with Powerful Assistance

The KONA Hybrid combines the fun of electric acceleration with exceptional fuel efficiency. Its highly efficient hybrid powertrain seamlessly switches between its petrol engine and electric motor depending on the driving situation. Whether it"s going uphill or a slow leisurely drive, The all-new KONA Hybrid is always ready with a host of options to fit your drive.

Petrol engine.

A specially calibrated TBD-litre GDi direct injection petrol engine delivers 105 PS with class-leading energy efficiency.

Electric motor.

Enjoy the electric acceleration with a maximum power of 32kW and a maximum torque of 170N delivering an impressive acceleration when starting.

Lithium-ion polymer battery.


6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission.

The innovative Dual Clutch Transmission(DCT) delivers a smooth ride for a truly enjoyable driving experience and faster response.

Smartstream 1.6 GDI Hybrid

A maximum power of 105ps & a maximum
torque of 170Nm

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