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    The all-new Hyundai Elantra

This is how you dare.

this is how you dare

People are growing tired of the sameness of routines and traditions. The result?

A powerful, restless optimism, motivating the next generation of curious innovators
to change the rules, change the game, change the world.

Introducing the all-new Hyundai Elantra.

Make your move. No one else will.

Make your move. No one else will.

With expanded, proactive ADAS features.

The answer is you.

Stand strong. Have faith in yourself,
then see your true strengths unleashed.

the answer is you

Dare to challenge everything

With progressive seamless technologies.

Question the old rules.

The ‘Parametric Dynamics’ design accentuates geometric aesthetics of the elongated hood and sleek roof lines,
completing the visionary and innovative style.

question the old rules

Dare to show your authentic self to the world

And go for your big dream.

Bring the limelight to you

Bigger, longer, and lower than ever.
Elantra’s sporty look and elaborate lines highlight its bold presence.

bring the limelight to you

You lead. We’re right beside you.

For those who dare to be courageous and are unafraid of failure,
The all-new Elantra is with you.

you lead. we're right beside you


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