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  • Ranked second among compact cars in Europe by "Autobild"
    The i10 was ranked second among 6 major compact cars sold in Europe by "Autobild", Germany's most popular auto magazine.

  • Highest gas mileage certified by ARAI
    The i10 was certified to have the highest gas mileage of 19.81km by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) in the compact segment.

  • Various seat options
    Drivers can use the interior space more practically with the seat variation feature.
  • EXTERIOR- New clear headlamps
    - Rear combination lamps
    - Outside mirror repeaters
  • INTERIOR- Interior color package
    - Trunk
  • PERFORMANCE- 1.1 MPi gasoline engine
    - Transmission
    - Suspension
    - Motor driven power steer (MDPS)
  • SAFETY- Stopping power
    - Rigid safety structure
  • CONVENIENCE- Information center
    - Rear parking assist system (RPAS)
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The compact
design of the i10

The i10 is stylish. The lines are clean,
sculptural and modern.
But it is also practical.

  • New clear headlamps The newly designed clear headlamp clusters not only look good, they improve both your night vision and your on-road visibility, adding elegant extra safety.

  • Rear combination lamps Stylish, integrated rear light clusters ensure that you can be clearly seen.

  • Outside mirror repeaters Extra style with extra safety. These outside mirror repeaters make your intention to turn clear, even if other road users cannot see the front or rear lights.

  • Rear Roof Spoiler
    The stylish rear spoiler is optionally available, it looks stylish and is integral to the aerodynamics of the i10.

  • Rear reflectors
    Elegantly integrated into the rear bumper, the rear reflectors alerts other night time road users to where you are parked.

  • Roof Antenna
    Great radio reception from a small, aerodynamic antenna that fits exactly to the style of the i10.

  • Sunroof
    Sunshine, good times and fresh air, the glass, tilting sunroof fits perfectly to good weather driving enjoyment.

  • 14" Alloy wheels
    Eye-catching 4-split spoke style, light and sporting, the wheel comes with 165/60 R14 tires

  • 14" Steel wheels
    Sporty 7-spoke style with 165/60 R14 tires add a touch more personal style.

  • 13" Steel wheels
    Stylish double spoke covers add attraction, supplied with 155/70 R13 tires.

  • Electric heated outside mirrors
    Electric heated exterior mirrors make life safer in bad weather conditions. For extra elegance they are available in body color.


Smart colors,
clever choices

Life should be comfortable, convenient and
full of color.
In the i10 it is all three. The height adjustable
drivers seat and tilting steering wheel mean
you sit and drive in comfort.
  • Trunk The low loading height makes it easy to load luggage, shopping or whatever you need into the luggage compartment of the i10. Naturally there is a removable parcel shelf, a hook for your shopping bag.

  • Adjustable rear headrests
    To increase rear passenger comfort and safety, the practical and comfortable rear headrests are available in helmet-style height adjustable format.

  • Adjustable steering wheel
    Individually tailored driving comfort makes every journey special, to increase it a tilting steering wheel is available.

  • Metal finished interior
    Definitely a major style plus point, the metallic elements of the interior look good, feel substantial and are easy to keep clean.

  • Storage system (under seat tray)
    This useful storage tray keeps all of your journey needs ready to access, but safely out of sight, beneath the front passenger seat.

  • Seat height adjustment
    The driver’s seat height adjustment is pump action, enabling any driver to find the ideal driving position in just a few seconds.

  • Height adjustable seatbelt
    More comfort and increased safety, the height adjustable seatbelt lets you find the most comfortable position.


Driving the i10
the facts behind the fun

By now you know that the i10 makes life and loading easier and fits your personal style.
But how does it pack so much driving pleasure while helping to protect the environment?

  • 1.1 MPi gasoline engine Fuel type : Gasoline

    Displacement : 1,086 cc

    Max. Power : 69 ps / 5,500 rpm

    Max. Torque : 10.1 kg·m / 4,500 rpm


    The i10 has three engines to choose from, a 1.1ℓ with 69 ps, the 1.25ℓ with 87 ps, and the 1.0ℓ with 69 ps. Constantly Variable Valve Technology (CVVT), which measures every drop of fuel for maximum efficiency is available on the 1.25. These engines not only deliver exceptional fuel economy, they give really low emissions.

  • 1.25 MPi
    Fuel type : Gasoline
    Displacement : 1,248 cc
    Max. Power : 87 ps / 6,000 rpm
    Max. Torque : 12.2 kg·m / 4,000 rpm

    1.0 MPi
    Fuel type : Gasoline
    Displacement : 997 cc
    Max. Power : 69 ps / 6,200 rpm
    Max. Torque : 9.7 kg·m / 3,500 rpm
    Europe only.

  • Transmission Precise 5-speed manual or convenient, efficient 4-speed automatic transmissions fit the i10 exactly to your driving style. Both are available with the 1.1 and 1.25ℓ engine. With either, simply by checking the trip odometer you’ll see immediately how efficiently they minimize consumption while increasing the pleasure you get from driving your i10.

  • Suspension Just drive an i10 and you’ll realize that the sparkling performance is matched by impressive handling. The electric power steering feels direct and reassuring. MacPherson coil over strut front, and torsion bar rear suspension enables the i10 to deal smoothly and securely with all kinds of traffic or road conditions.

    Motor driven power steer (MDPS) Motor driven for extra precision and economy, the power steering - complete with tilt able steering column adds extra personal driving comfort.


Active and
passive safety

The i10 delivers safety that you,
and all who ride with you,  can depend on.
  • Stopping power The Hyundai i10 features 13inch front disc and large 7inch rear drums. Together with the 4-channel ABS and standard brake booster and assistant systems, this means you’ll have reserves of braking power and non-skid security.
  • Rigid safety structure The basis of every modern Hyundai is the rigid safety structure. Created using computer dynamics and thoroughly tested to withstand immense impacts and pressures, this forms the basic passenger protection cell, as well as providing an intensely rigid mounting for the rest of the components.

A satisfying feeling,
The fingertip-controlled i10

With the i10 it means that you can relax, and enjoy maximum
driving satisfaction with minimum effort and distraction.

  • Information center
    A full range of warning and alert lights, together with easy to read dials, lit by eye-friendly blue LED lighting, keep you informed. The blue light also extends to the shift indicator, electric window controls and the audio display panel.

  • Rear parking assist system (RPAS)While the i10 is probably the easiest car you will ever park, the rear parking assist system (RPAS) is mounted in the rear bumper and sounds a warning against hazards you cannot easily see, making parking even simpler and safer.

  • Smart steering wheel
    Intuitive fingertip control of the audio system, via steering wheel remote controls is available for extra comfort, convenience and safety.

  • Audio system (radio, CD, MP3, PA 710)
    Double DIN optional audio system comes with full wrap-around sound from six speakers, steering wheel control and MP3 capability.

  • Audio system (SA 710)
    Designed especially for the i10, this stylish integrated stereo system has four speakers and guarantees a good sound.

  • Air Conditioning Controls
    Easy to operate controls, lit by eye-friendly blue LED light, put control of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning right at your fingertips.

  • Storage system (Tool tray)
    Practically integrated into the spare wheel housing the jack and tools are easily to and whenever you need them.

  • Folding type Key
    Remote control central locking key that protects your pockets and conveniently unlocks the doors for speedier access.

  • Connectivity (USB, AUX)
    This auxiliary input allows you to access the sound system for your personal stereo and USB equipped devices.

  • 12v Power Outlet
    Conveniently placed storage bin to care for smaller items and a 12v outlet for the personal electronics of the front seat occupants.


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Overview Category Car
Product Label Kappa 1.2 MPi (EU5) 5-Speed Manual FWD
Model Name i10
Seats 5
Engine Engine Label 1.2 Kappa MPi
Displacement (cc) 1,248
Max. Speed (kph) 169
Max. Power (ps / rpm) 85 / 6000
Max. Torque (kg·m / rpm) 12.3 / 4000
Acceleration (0 - 100 kph) (sec) 12.2
Braking Distance (m) 41.5
Number of Cylinders 4
Valves of Cylinder 16
Transmission Transmission Type 5-Speed Manual FWD
Fuel Consumption Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Consumption
(Urban / City) (liter / 100km)
Fuel Consumption
(Extra Urban / Highway) (liter / 100km)
Fuel Consumption
(Combined) (liter / 100km)
CO2 Emission
(Combined) (g/km)
Fuel Tank Capacity (liter) 35
Exterior Overall Length (mm) 3,585
Overall Width (mm) 1,595
Overall Height (mm) 1540
Wheelbase (mm) 2,380
Front Wheeltread (mm) 1400
Rear Wheeltread (mm) 1385
Front Overhang (mm) 670
Rear Overhang (mm) 535
Cargo Cargo Volume (VDA; liter) 225
Weight Lightest Curb Weight (kg) 910
Heaviest Curb Weight (kg) 996
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 1,410
Wheels & Tires Wheels 4.0Bx13", 5.0Jx14", 5.5Jx15"
Tires 155/70R13", 165/60R14", 175/50R15"
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